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About Ben and Sey
Classes with Sey and Ben always leave me feeling nourished and calm – I'm so pleased to have stumbled upon their community class, it's completely changed my mind-set on how to handle life's challenges - Karen, Tamworth
About Sey

About Sey

Yoga came into my life when I started to honour the voice in my heart again

It supported me through my first job in advertising and understanding my relationships better

When I realised my heart wasn't in advertising, it gave me the courage to move on and change paths… I haven't looked back since!

Inspired and encouraged by a handful of teachers from a local studio, I decided to travel to the great Himalayas and immerse myself in Hatha Yoga training

From yoga studios to beautiful rooftops, from private homes to office workspaces, based in the UK, I teach in the Midlands area, as well as in a gorgeous retreat home in Sri Lanka

Sey is a great Yoga teacher who flows very intuitively. She has taught me a lot about courage and free-flowing, which makes every session exciting! I am grateful for our connection on so many levels and love our after class talks! - Alex, Birmingham
About Ben

About Ben

My journey with yoga began when I acknowledged a feeling of deep dissatisfaction with my life

I quit my job as a surveyor and went to travel around India and it was there I discovered the magic of Yoga

Since then, I have done many different trainings and I have met so many beautiful teachers from all around the world. This has given me the skills to enable me to continue to send out the wonderful message of Yoga to anyone and everyone

Yoga is not about how well you can bend into a pretzel!

We are on this journey now, together; not as teacher and student but as teacher and teacher, always learning and always growing

My massage was beyond incredible. I have never felt anything like it and it has dramatically helped a two year persistent pain in my shoulder. Ben, you are a massage genius! - Fiona, Melbourne
About Us

Our Teaching Style

Hatha and Iyengar inspired, we have been influenced by a number of fantastic teachers

We'd like to say a special thank you to the wonderful Shira Hess, Luis Valentine, Rikesh Devvrat, Akshey Koushalam, Balsundra Srinath and Swami Rampasad Ji

Our classes explore the wide teachings of Yoga asana and philosophy

We focus on verbal and hands on adjustments to improve body alignment as well as awareness, allowing you to reach a deeper understanding of your practise

Bringing yoga philosophy into movement, we try to align traditional teachings into modern day experiences

How you benefit

A enriching and fun yoga experience

Clear instruction and expert guidance from start to finish

Learn how to go deeper into your practise

Reconnect with your mind, body, spirit connection

Ideas on how to deepen your home practise

Leave the class feeling rejuvenated and restored

Explore self-healing techniques

About The Bendy Life

The Bendy Life is a collaborative between two movement enthusiasts, who wholeheartedly believe in the healing power held in both Yoga and Bodywork

The Bendy Life is choosing to live brightly; returning back to your vibrant best self, whilst connecting to the beauty of Yoga :-)

Sey and Ben found their passion in Holistic Therapy from years of experience of working with people, all over the UK and Sri Lanka. They discovered the magic in how sharing their different skills together benefits people in wonderful ways

Whether new to yoga or a Spiritual warrior, a Bendy Life session with either Sey or Ben, or both, invites you to live your life FREE from the burdens of the mind

Rooted in love and growth, The Bendy Life is all about:

Practising yoga without limitations

Enjoying the experience of learning and growing together

Sharing good vibes with like-minded people

Experiencing something new and exciting

Authentically living and reconnecting back to your Truth

And simply having fun along the way!

Love always,

S & B


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Having played rugby for over a decade now, I really struggled with shoulder mobility and doubted anything would help it. After having regular classes with The Bendy Life duo, I am way more flexible and open in my body – still can't believe the change - Rob, Tamworth
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