From Massage to Bodywork to Cacao ceremonies, we understand the significance that comes with taking time out and honouring life's simple joys

I LOVED my sessions with Ben, he is truly fantastic in removing blockages in the body and has helped me heaps on my healing journey. His energy work is authentic, I cannot recommend him enough. From the moment we met, I knew I could be honest and open up about my condition and work with his magic to restore my own - Rosa, Italy

What We Offer


60 min Deep Tissue Yoga Massage - £55

This treatment combines a deep tissue massage with stretching of the body, to help gently ease it back to its optimum; releasing muscles through supported stretches and trigger point techniques, you will leave the session feeling more flexibility and movement in your joints. Focus is on, but not limited to, releasing hamstring tension, lower back pains and shoulder aches

90 min Deep Tissue Yoga Massage - £70

The 90 minute treatment includes a more thorough head, neck and shoulder massage, as well as an in-depth focus on releasing lower back tension

This treatment can also be tailored to better suit your needs

60 min Deep Tissue Massage (focussed treatment) - £60

A strong yet intuitive treatment, where focus is on getting access to the deeper muscles in the body by using own body weight and balance. Once the body has relaxed and the muscles naturally released, you can expect long strokes and the use of elbows, forearms and wrists to further aid with loosening tension around the muscle. Trigger point release techniques are also used to relieve knots and bring any restricted movement back to full motion

90 min Full Body Holistic Massage £65

This Holistic massage is a total treat! It's for those who feel they need to reset and put themselves first in order to continue being the best they can be. This is a gentle full body relaxation massage, which uses hot oil all over the body, as well as some beautiful aromatherapy essential oils, to completely relax the mind and body. Leaving you in a tranquil state, expect to feel nourished from head-to-toe from the start

Gift yourself the time to relax and unwind to help ease your mind and body back to its natural state of Love and Kindness…

*SPECIAL SEPTEMBER OFFER* Book three treatments and receive 20% off!

Alchemy Bodywork
Deep Tissue Yoga Massage
I've been a masseuse for 10 years, so I know a great masseuse when I come across one. My body had lost its fluidity and strength when I went to my first massage with Sey. Through regular sessions, gentle stretching and trigger-point therapy, I rediscovered my strong body I'd neglected for so long. Strong, healthy and bold - Sarah.W, Worchester

Alchemy Bodywork

Bodywork with Ben combines the use of Energy, Massage and Breathwork

This treatment focuses on identifying the root cause of aches and pains and works to remove them

Accessing problem areas on a cellular level, we are able to release any emotion or physical tension that has been built up

You will be taken on a journey through your body, working with any blockages/injuries, to help you restore your body's flow back to its natural state

Bodywork with Ben is an organic experience which varies from person to person; the idea is that the body is not viewed as merely the physical but brings full harmony to all aspects of the self

90 min Bodywork Session with Ben £80

*SPECIAL SEPTEMBER OFFER* Book three Bodywork sessions for £200!

Ben is an amazing therapist and more than just a masseur; he has helped me with my sore neck and shoulders and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for alternative treatment for energetic and physical healing - Andrea, Italy

Cacao Ceremonies

"Cacao brings us to new depths so that we can cultivate our inner light and give birth to a new way of being" Louise Firetree

Cacao is a potent plant medicine which helps us to connect to our inner wisdom, creativity and vision, so that we can dissolve our own blockages and create new pathways into Being

It has been used for thousands of years by indigenous tribes across Central and South America to mark important life events, connect back to Divine and for healing purposes

This sacred plant is likely to make you feel 'alive and kicking' from the inside in a gentle, warming way; due to the effects of the many stimulating, loving and feel-good neurochemicals it contains, Cacao allows you to freely open your heart and accept and love without limitations

What to expect in a ceremony?

Each ceremony will differ depending on what it is on your life you are working with

Despite the chosen theme, the energy present in that particular time of year and/or life event, will awaken an inner journeying to help you connect to the Cacao Spirit

Some ceremonies involve gentle movement whilst others may work to access deeper layers of your Being, so there is more focus on meditation and healing

Whatever the theme or activity in the ceremony, you will always have room to go at your own pace – freedom of speech and movement is always encouraged in ceremonial circles, although not expected

Cacao Ceremonies
Cacao with Sey was AWESOME! She is so delicate, thorough and super warming to all! We had an intimate family ceremony with her and it was truly magical; the experience we had as a family will stay with us forever, thank you for creating such a beautiful space for us all. I can recommend Cacao ceremonies with Sey to anyone, it was a heartfelt experience and I can't wait for our next one! - Sabrina and Susan, East London

Upcoming Ceremonies

Sey usually run ceremonies monthly in the West Midlands area. For upcoming dates check out the Events/Retreats page

Upcoming Ceremonies

A private ceremony can be a great way to go deeper with the Cacao medicine

Cacao is a uplifting medicine that can be used to celebrate a transition in life with friends and family or even provide an alternative team building activity

Sey also offers one-to-one ceremonies; this is for those who feel the calling to have a deeper, healing experience

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